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Are you a brand new member of The Brethren Church? Are you educating a category in regards to the Brethren Church? might you just prefer to comprehend extra approximately our denomination?

Redesigned, with discussions on the finish of every bankruptcy, our new Brethren Witness booklet encapsulates the background and the tale of The Brethren Church in an easy-to-read and modern fashion.

Great for teams and for private examine, this publication is written at the get together of what could be known as an awakening within the tribe of God’s humans referred to as The Brethren Church.

Fresh imaginative and prescient and moving tradition have given themselves to clean innovations that are generating country fruit in methods and in areas that we can't count on nor include. Our recourse, then, is to keep on with alongside in obedience the place Jesus leads and get ready ourselves to be of use in his mission.

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